Me and My Perfectly, Imperfect Growth.


The picture on the left was me at maybe 178++ kgs and the right was this evening.

The road to growth is entirely different for everyone but there are some common principles that affect us all.

Dont compare, it will rob you of hope

Once upon a time you made a choice. Only you can change your future

Where do you want to be tomorrow? Only you have the power to choose.

there are days I see myself in a group photo and think how in the hell after losing almost 88kgs am I STILL the biggest in the foto

Or when some, who think i should have lost more!!??
So my stomach is hanging and that area is still big. I am not hear to please anyone

Its slow but it’s steady.

Choose wisely .



Putting Myself Out There

Putting myself out there to show it can be done. Did you know that I had surgery on my wrist in the past where I lost 80% of my movement on my right arm, a long time ago and now calcification on my right shoulder, so I can’t really do very heavy weights or use too much of my body weight as pressure on that part of my body. However, I haven’t allowed that to hinder my workout. This wasn’t easy but I killed it, So Never Give Up 🥰. With Coach @s.velida_my awesome coach who takes all my injuries and still finds a way around it @azerwellness  

18/03/19 Noah Turns 6

Mashaalah ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن
What a miracle you truly are
Straight from heavens brightest star
A precious gift to us
Happy 6th Birthday my darling Noah
May you always be blessed and protected
have all the love happiness, and riches that life has to offer


Battle of the Bulge

Creating My Own Stepping Stones

the Battle of the bulge is not easy: we become moody, edgy, irritable, touchy and so much more. So its easy to give up and fall of the wagon. That is why a support group is necessary.
So I have been Lucky that I have my own little support group with me, its been a bumpy ride but we are getting there.
So when I started my weight loss journey and decided to join the GYM my mom laughed as did the immediate family who are close to me. You see I had done this so many times no one thought I would manage to pull it off.
Don’t get me wrong, they were tired of my joining the GYM and not going through and they all thought “ok another failed attempt” But this time what no one realized was that I have had blessings sent to me (everything happens for a reason)



National Day 48 Years 18.11.18

18.11.jpeg48 years of visionary leadership Happy Omani National Day
In 1970 we had 3 school and 10 km of road. Happy National Day Oman & Happy Birthday to an Amazing Leader that we (nationally & internationally) are privileged to know. An Icon of Peace & Prosperity. 
I had a so much written down, and then I realized it all comes down to this: we are blessed and fortunate to be raised in his era and era of #amazingleadership, may God keep him safe and in good health for us. #blessedtobeOmani#OmaniandProud and I can’t help being emotional about it, a simple and humble thank you for giving us all that you have. .
الدعاء إلى الله تعالى بأن يحفظ لنا مولانا صاحب الجلالة الرجل العظيم ، الوالد الغالي سلطان قلوبنا ، وأن يلبسه ثوب الصحة والعافية ويرزقه العمر المديد اللهم آمين يا رب العالمين.

How Far I have Come

2017 I think January, I look at this and I can’t understand the beginning or the end of me. You see some roads maybe longer than others, my battle will likely be different, but we can all get there the same way and that’s by starting, and never giving up 😍
I have a long but short way to go. when I go back and look at how far I have come not only physically but mentally I am so incredibly proud of myself. I hope that you guys are living a life that makes you proud? I hope that this gives you a little bit of motivation to know it is definitely possible! 💯 What have I learned since last year when being morbidly obese. In this journey you have to start over nearly everyday. No matter how good or bad the day before was, I learned to start over.
New focus. New patience. New kindness to myself. It’s changed the game. I’ve stopped looking at so many things in my life as definitive failure and started simply seeing them as growing opportunities. It affects every part of us. Being patient. Being kind, to myself & others. Keep trying. Every single day.
Just start over. You didn’t fail. You don’t fail unless you quit.
I love you all thank you ❤

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